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Anti-wrinkle care for oily skin: how to choose?

While problems of excess sebum are often attributed to younger skin, imperfections can nevertheless persist with age. While the majority of anti-wrinkle care on the market are particularly rich in fatty substances to moisturize mature skin, it is not always easy to find the ideal product to purify your skin. oily skin and effectively fight the signs of aging. Here, Beauty Decoded guides you with expert advice and a selection of products to include in your beauty routine. You'll then be able to rediscover the pleasure of healthy skin and a radiant complexion with ease.

What causes excess sebum?

Oily skin is characterized by a disorder of the sebaceous glands in the epidermis. Excessive sebum production clogs the skin's pores, creating imperfections such as acne and blackheads. This problem occurs most intensely during adolescence, but can also manifest itself at various times in a woman's life. Most of the time, it's hormonal changes that trigger a new disturbance in sebum production.

Some women's skin is more prone to imperfections, with peaks of excess sebum around the time of menstruation or pregnancy. Oily skin can quickly be maintained by applying a traditional anti-aging skin care product. Indeed, the generally creamy, rich textures of anti-wrinkle products cannot meet the needs of mature, oily skin. Over the years, however, a number of manufacturers have developed skin care products designed to purify the epidermis and effectively combat the aging of skin cells.

Mature and oily skin: which active ingredients to choose?

To guide you in your choice of anti-wrinkle treatment for oily skin, it's important to target certain active ingredients that are particularly effective in restoring radiance to your face and regulating sebum production. Here we present some of the active ingredients best known for their action on mature skin with oily tendencies.


Niacinamide helps to effectively regulate your sebum production. With regular, daily application, you'll quickly see results on your epidermis, with diminished spots and smoother, more supple skin. An essential ingredient in anti-ageing skin care that can also meet your needs with its remarkable purifying power.


Whether glycolic acid or fruit acids (AHA acids), these minerals promote the regeneration of epidermal cells. So you can preserve your youthful appearance, while enjoying a radiant complexion and soft skin. What's more, the acids help improve your collagen production. An essential structural protein that fills in wrinkles and fine lines for an effective youth-boosting effect.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful natural antioxidant for skin care. In an anti-aging skin care product, it helps to renew your skin's cells and bring radiance to your complexion. What's more, vitamin C acts on melanin production, responsible for the appearance of brown spots on your epidermis. By choosing a product rich in vitamin C for your beauty routine, you can be sure of a quality cosmetic to combat the harmful effects of the sun.


Elastin, hyaluronic acid and collagen are essential for skin tone and firmness. However, as you age, your epidermis produces less and less of these elements, resulting in sagging skin and the appearance of fine lines on your face. Peptides act as cellular messengers to boost the production of these nutrients, effectively improving your skin's appearance. An essential ingredient in anti-wrinkle skin care, they can also limit excess sebum and its consequences on the epidermis.

Which anti-ageing care for oily skin?

To help you find the cosmetic care you deserve, Beauty Decoded offers you a selection of five quality products to care for your mature, oily skin. Formulas renowned for their effectiveness that will enhance your skincare routine at home. The best anti-wrinkle creams

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C15 Super Booster - Paula's Choise

With 15% of vitamin C, vitamin E and ferulic acid, Paula's Choice Vitamin C Booster Serum provides a high-end toner to revitalize your skin. You benefit from a concentrated treatment to limit the signs of aging on your skin and reduce acne scars in a single formula. What's more, it protects your skin from UV rays and free radicals to preserve the youthfulness of your epidermal cells. 20 ml bottle available for €56.00 on the Paula's Choice website.

Copper Amino Isolate Serum 3 1:1 - Niod

This award-winning serum aims to erase all visible signs of skin aging, with a formula that helps reactivate your skin's collagen production. With a skin care product for oily skin that respects and stimulates your skin's vitality, you'll quickly regain a firm, reshaped face. The peptides and hyaluronic acid contained in this serum guarantee you a radiant youthful glow, and a format adapted to your needs with a 15 ml or 30 ml bottle!

Buffet - The Ordinary

Stripped of superfluity, The Ordinary brand develops cosmetics that go back to basics for effective, vegan formulas. The concentration of peptides in this serum acts effectively on your fine lines and wrinkles for smooth, supple skin every day. The properties of this buffet serum also purify your skin and boost collagen production for an effective anti-aging serum, available in 30 ml or 60 ml bottles.

Revitalift Laser Pure Retinol Night Serum - L'Oréal Paris

Recommended by dermatologists for the treatment of deep wrinkles, pure retinol is a particularly powerful active ingredient for reducing the signs of aging on your face. With this concentrated serum to be applied in the evening, L'Oréal Paris offers you a targeted, effective treatment to reinforce the natural, regenerating action of your epidermal cells during the night.

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA++++ - Biore

While the sun's UV rays are particularly harmful to the epidermis, mature skin quickly shows their effects with the appearance of brown spots. With this revolutionary sun cream, Biore gives you effective protection for your skin, with a cosmetic that leaves a film as thin as it is effective on the surface of the epidermis. An invisible skin care product that actively contributes to preserving your youthful appearance, day after day!