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🏆 The best niacinamide serum

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Introducing B-Bomb 10% Niacinamide Serum from Geek And Gorgeous, the perfect serum for those with blemished or acne-prone skin! This light, moisturizing serum contains 10 % Niacinamide, a compound that helps reduce inflammation and clear blemishes. It also contains zinc, which has antibacterial properties, and sarcosine, which minimizes the appearance of pores. Its unique jelly-like texture makes it easy to apply and leaves no sticky residue.

It's 100 % vegan, with no added fragrances or essential oils, so it won't irritate your skin or make you feel uncomfortable. What's more, it's totally gluten-free, making it ideal for vegans and allergy sufferers. This serum is also safe to use during pregnancy, so you can enjoy its nourishing benefits during this precious time.


🏆 The best serum with natural niacinamide

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Visit unifying serum from Typology is a minimalist formula of 9 ingredients. It disciplines fickle complexions. Its fluid, translucent, watery texture diffuses 12 % of niacinamide for :

  • prevent the formation of blackheads, tighten pores and mattify the skin;
  • balance vascular dilation and reduce skin redness;
  • prevent pigmentation spots and colored scars;
  • maintain your skin's moisture and lipid barrier.

Fragrance-free and alcohol-free, it is ideal for all skin types, respecting and helping sensitized skin.

Beauty Decoded face care tips with the Typology niacinamide serum.
I recommend it to support skin new to retinol, vitamin C or exfoliants. Incorporating it into your skincare routine can really improve skin tolerance to these types of active ingredients. Also, this skincare product is lipid-free. So it's perfect for normal to oily skin, but also suitable for dry skin, if complemented by a richer cream. With 87 % of botanical ingredients, the unifying serum from Typology will delight fans of minimalist, natural beauty routines. Suitable for all, tolerated by all and appreciated by most skincare addicts, it is one of the best niacinamide serums that I recommend you try. 26 euros for a 30 ml pipette bottle

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🥈 Second best niacinamide serum

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This real vitamin concentrate targets the well-being of your skin barrier, skin texture and revives your glow! Over time, our levels of ceramides, the molecules that form intercellular cement, decrease. It's important to compensate for this loss to slow down drying, dehydration and the appearance of early wrinkles.
Good news! Visit booster 10 % niacinamide from Paula's Choice is here for you! Its wealth of vitamin B3 and its phospholipid content promote ceramide production. This makes it easier for your skin to retain water and stay hydrated. This substance also prevents pigmentation disorders and prevents the formation of new brown spots. Combined with the vitamin C derivative ascorbyl glucoside and other antioxidants such as epigallocatechin, this concentrate forms an anti-free radical shield and slows down cellular aging. Soothing and repairing ingredients such as allantoin and vitamin B5 (panthenol) calm reactive skin.
Your complexion is brighter, more even-toned and regains its natural tone. Your skin's texture is refined and its texture smoothed. A thoughtful formula, suitable for all skin types, even if its texture makes it more appreciated by normal to dry skins. 52 euros per 20 ml pipette bottle

Paula's Choice niacinamide review Beauty Decoded & skincare tips. 
This serum is designed to work in synergy with active molecules such as retinol or pure ascorbic acid from your skincare product. In addition to preventing dryness and dehydration, niacin boosts anti-hyperpigmentation and brightening effects. This booster is therefore ideal for evening out and brightening dull complexions. For all these reasons, I consider this concentrate to be one of the best in the world. best vitamin B3 serums. Also, its rather oily lipid and active ingredient content is better suited to normal to dry skin. If you suffer from shiny areas or imperfections, go to #3 on my list. 


🥉The 3rd best niacinamide serum

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A minimalist 12-ingredient formula that I recommend for normal, combination, oily and dehydrated skin. This SVR niacinamide serum eliminates flaking, fine lines and tightness caused by lack of water. The presence of this vitamin B3 fills in the lipid loss of your skin barrier and improves epidermal moisture retention. The trio of hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights and glycerine draw water from the dermis and skin care products to the skin's surface to plump it up. +
To the touch, skin is more toned, softer and the complexion brighter.

34 euros 50 for a 30 ml pipette bottle.

SVR Serum B3 review Beauty Decoded & skincare tips.
A fragrance-free, alcohol-free formula ideal for the beauty routines of sensitive skins, who don't want to saturate their tissues with too many ingredients. I highly recommend incorporating this SVR flash ampoule to relieve and counteract topical fragility or reactivity. It is essential to fix your serum with a moisturizing cream, or sun protection to fix the water and its active ingredients in your epidermis. Dry skin can use it with a rich cream.

A highly tolerated molecule suitable for all beauty routines. best niacinamide serums will maximize the skincare results of many skin concerns. Respectful of the eye area, neck and face, fluids highly concentrated in vitamin B3 reinforce epidermal tolerance and enhance the anti-spot, anti-imperfection and anti-aging performance of retinol, vitamin C and exfoliants. What are the best vitamin B3 serums? Why use a niacinamide ? Here's the Beauty Decoded podium, along with a few beauty tips.

Why use a niacinamide serum?

Every skincare fan will find a reason to join a niacinamide care vitamin B3.
Visit niacinamide serums address virtually all skin concerns (anti-aging for mature skin, anti-hyperpigmentation, anti-inflammatory for redness, anti-bacterial for acne, anti-seborrheic for dilated pores and shiny areas). 
It is one of the cosmetic ingredients best tolerated by all skin types, as well as by pregnant and breast-feeding women. This molecule respects all topical sensitivities, from sensitization to pathological conditions such as eczema. 
Sensitive and reactive skin will use it to reinforce intercellular cement and protect itself from environmental stimuli or irritating agents. Dry, dehydrated skin will relieve discomfort (flakiness, tightness...) and balance the hydrolipidic film, as this substance stimulates ceramide production. Combination and hyperseborrheic skin dotted with imperfections will regain a clear, matte finish thanks to its modulating action on sebum production and antibacterial properties. Skin that's reactive or intolerant to retinoids, exfoliants or pure ascorbic acid can try their luck again, as this molecule, with its antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, is ideal for the treatment of blemishes. strengthens your skin barrier, boosting your tolerance to more active skin care products. And if you suffer from a real intolerance, the niacinamide serumsThese highly dosed products are an excellent alternative. On its own, it takes care of brown spots, scars, dilated pores and dull complexions. The only drawback is that it takes longer to work. It takes 3 to 4 months to notice the first improvements, compared with 2 months for retinol, for example. 

For more information on the topical mechanism of niacinamide and get new product references, I invite you to watch the video dedicated to this vitamin B3. As this active ingredient is easy to formulate, compatible with all cosmetic ingredients and very well tolerated, you'll find it in many creams, serums and essences. I therefore advise you to check the inci list of your products to avoid unnecessary duplication in your skincare.