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Looking for a serum to fight fine lines and wrinkles? Try Retinol 0.3 % Wrinkle and Fine Line Serum - the perfect solution for mature skin! Its unique formula contains retinol, soybean oil and castor oil to instantly reduce wrinkles and improve skin's overall elasticity. Retinol stimulates collagen and elastin production to reduce wrinkles and preserve skin suppleness; soybean oil activates cell renewal, while castor oil nourishes skin with its unique combination of minerals. All these ingredients work together to help you age gracefully, revealing smooth, beautiful skin. Wrinkles and fine lines serum with retinol 0.3 % is suitable for all skin types. Retinol stimulates collagen and elastin production to reduce wrinkles and keep skin supple; soybean oil activates cell renewal; while castor oil hydrates skin with its unique combination of minerals. All these ingredients work together to help you age gracefully.

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As always, The Ordinary is simple and effective. The highest concentration of retinol pure authorized, slipped into an ultra-minimalist formula of 6 ingredients. Developed for dry skin, this serum's fluid, oily texture literally fuses with your skin, thanks to its high squalene content. Its structure, similar to natural sebum, easily conveys the retinol and its benefits to the dermis. Jojoba oil and tomato extract nourish and support your lipid barrier. It's an excellent anti-wrinkle, anti-brown spot and anti-sagging treatment. Even if the formula is less sophisticated, its value for money remains unbeatable (9 euros 50 for a 30 ml pipette bottle), and lifts it straight into third place in the top ten. better retinols skincare. 

How to use retinol 1 % The Ordinary?
An optimal dosage, if you're used to this molecule. On the other hand, The Ordinary relies heavily on emollients and lipid-rich ingredients to prevent drying and dehydration. I regret that they don't incorporate a humectant to ensure better tissue moisture exchange. To counter this, I recommend that after cleansing, you apply a lotion and an aqueous serum packed with humectants such as glycerine and hyaluronic acid, then layer your retinol serum. In this way, you can prevent any imbalance in the hydrolipidic film. 

Why do I hesitate to buy the retinol serum from The Ordinary ?
Although squalane and jojoba oil are suitable for combination to oily skin, I would reserve this fluid for normal to dry skin. Finally, with such a high concentration, sun protection is an essential part of your morning beauty routine.


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Beauty Decoded offers an intermediate dosage with retinol 0.5 % from Dermaceutic. Indeed, to tame this molecule, I recommend taking your time and progressing in stages. Between the ages of 30 and 45, this excellent alternative for dull complexions gently combats photoaging in normal to dry skin. Its fluid, lipidic texture diffuses its vitamin A derivative to the dermis. After 2 months of daily use, skin on the face, neck and décolleté is retexturized. In fact, by acting on collagen production, the tone of your tissues improves and facial lines appear enhanced. Its keratolytic effect promotes cell renewal and diminishes dark spots. 

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If you're not sure which retinoid to choose between granactive retinoid, retinol and retinal, I can suggest a product that contains all 3 active ingredients in the same serum. This is Théramid's clinical vitamine A, which contains 5% of granactive retinoid, 0.3% of retinol and 0.1% of retinal. I find this serum very well formulated, I like the idea of using the different forms of retinoids and it's fragrance-free. As a result, the product has a certain odor which is not unpleasant but not pleasant either. Texture-wise, it's a thick serum that's not ideal from my point of view if you have oily skin, but it's perfectly suited to normal to combination and dry skin, of course. And the price is 34.95 euros for 30 ml, which is quite reasonable for such a serum! And of course I'd recommend starting every 3rd day to avoid irritation! I find it quite powerful, so be careful! As for its effectiveness, I find it particularly interesting after 3 months of testing.

Skin type
Normal to dry


Is this retinol serum is good for your face?
Activ retinol 0.5 % deflects dryness and dehydration with a nourishing cocktail that pampers your skin:

  • allantoin and panthenol moisturize, soothe and repair imbalances in your skin's barrier;
  • A pro-ageing lipid-replenishing complex, composed of cholesterol, sphingolipids and phospholipids, compensates for their natural loss;
  • the right humectant/emollient/film-forming balance maintains the right water content in the epidermis, preventing excess evaporation and thus skin dehydration.

Vitamin C derivative, ascorbyl palmitate and vitamin E reinforce the serum's brightening power and form a shield against oxidative stress linked to environmental aggressions (sun, cold, tobacco, pollution...). A formula that holds up well, is fairly well tolerated and respects the brand's claims. For those who want to take it to the next level, this formula is part of the best retinol serumsEven though it's expensive, expect to pay around sixty euros for a 30 ml tube.

The best vitamin A serums for the face | retinol for beginners and experts

This top 3 best retinol serums will become an indispensable part of your anti-aging beauty routine. Retinoids retexturize your epidermis, exfoliate dead cells, erase imperfections, reduce the depth of wrinkles, redensify your skin, and diminish pigmentation spots and scars. This makes it one of the most effective skincare actives, but also one that is terribly feared by beginners, sensitized or alipidic skins. Indeed, using this vitamin A derivative requires patience and a little knowledge. The key is to start gradually, while protecting yourself from the sun. And so.., what percentage of retinol to choose? To help you find the formula that's right for you, here's my mini buyer's guide to all three. best vitamin A serums for the face.

Which is the most powerful retinol?
I'd say the most powerful retinol is the one you can stand! Using retinoic acid for the face can be tricky when you lack knowledge on the subject. Remember that patience, parsimony and sun protection are essential to mastering this molecule and achieving the desired results. To save yourself the trouble, discover more beauty routines and product references featuring this anti-aging star ingredient, watch these two Youtube videos on retinol and mistakes not to be made.