Vinoperfect Serum

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Anti-spot radiance serum can correct and prevent the appearance of spots for a more radiant complexion. It acts on all types of blemishes (sun spots, acne, melasma) to help even out your skin tone. Suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin.


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The star ingredient in this serum is viniferin, listed in the ingredients list as Palmitoyl Grapevine shoot extract, an active ingredient derived from grapevine sap which is said to have an exceptional anti-spot action 62 times more effective than vitamin C. This claim is based on laboratory tests on viniferin's inhibitory properties on tyrosinase, a protein involved in melanin production. A clinical study conducted by Caudalie also showed very interesting results: 95% of the 65 women who used it saw an improvement in their spots after 56 days. The results are impressive, but this study was funded and conducted by Caudalie, so it's not as powerful as if it had been carried out by an independent group.

Viniferin is the only active ingredient in this serum, but the rest of the formula is very well done, with a good ration of humectants, emollients and emulsifiers, making it a very pleasant serum to use. The moisturizing ingredients include glycerine, squalane, a nourishing ingredient whose origin is specified as olive squalane, and bisabolol, a soothing ingredient.

9 reviews for Sérum Vinoperfect

  1. Sophia -

    A very pleasant, voluptuously light texture for this serum. I've been using it every summer for several years. No irritation. A pleasure every time. I recommend it.

  2. Salomé -

    I have extremely sensitive skin and all the anti-stain serums I had tried caused irritation (the ordinary, revolution...).
    Since I've been using the Caudalie serum with a sebum-regulating day cream, my skin is actually better than before. The serum is extremely pleasant to use and makes my skin really soft! As far as spots are concerned, I don't seem to see much difference and I'm on my 2nd bottle, but I have Asian skin, which marks a lot.

  3. Choiraqui -

    Products with no effectiveness and gold prices!
    Tried for several months without success a fashionable product that is a scam.

  4. Chouraqui -

    No efficiency on tasks!
    I tried it for several months without success.
    A pricey gold serum with zero effectiveness!
    I save you time and money

  5. Loulou -

    Product ineffective against stains. I think it's a shame given its price.

  6. Izem -

    Very pleasant serum for its texture and the glow that brings it, but doesn't keep its promises on the anti-spot side.

  7. Loubna -

    Ineffective product

  8. Linda -

    Moisturizes well, but not very effective on hyperpigmentation spots or melasma

  9. Mélanie F. -

    I used this serum twice during the period from early spring to late summer (1 bottle lasts 6 months for me with daily or even twice-daily applications). I think it has a preventive action by preventing the appearance of new stains, but the action on established stains is very weak. I'll be buying this product again because it hasn't caused me any irritation and is pleasant to use: simple packaging, rapid penetration and discreet fragrance.

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The big advantage of this type of serum in summer is that it's non-irritating, unlike classic active ingredients like exfoliants or retinol. It remains to be seen whether it's as effective as advertised, so don't hesitate to give us your opinion.

For my part, I found this serum quite effective, but that's just my experience.

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