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The moisturizing face cream has a light, moisturizing and nourishing texture thanks to the humectants and emollient oils it contains. Of course, the Gallinée brand's classic prebiotics are still present, but they've added extracts of Yacon, which contains prebiotics, and extracts of Myrtle, rich in anti-oxidants. A good moisturizing cream that will suit you if you don't have very dry or oily skin.

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This skincare cream is a real concentrate of pre- and post-biotic active ingredients that effectively moisturize and protect your skin, while respecting the microbiome.


aqua (water)glycerincaprylic/capric triglyceridehydrogenated coconut oilisopropyl palmitatesucrose stearatedicaprylyl etheralpha-glucan oligosaccharideglyceryl stearateglyceryl stearate citrateinulinlactic acidpolymnia sonchifolia root juicelactobacillusmaltodextrinmyrtus communis leaf extractargininecapryloyl glycinepotassium cetyl phosphatebutyl methoxydibenzoylmethane (avobenzone)ethylhexyl salicylate (octisalate)carbomertocopheryl acetateundecylenoyl glycine*tocopherolethylhexylglycerinstyrene/acrylates copolymertetrasodium glutamate diacetatexanthan gumsodium hydroxidesodium benzoate

2 reviews for Crème Hydratante Visage

  1. Xaviere -

    Normally moisturizing cream, neither too greasy nor too light, but in an impractical packaging (cap to unscrew) and with a terrible smell (to my taste of course)... as a result, I didn't manage to finish this tube, and a bit expensive I think.

  2. Elena -

    A perfect cream, I feel that my skin is brighter and I love its gingerbread scent.

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This is to protect the skin from the sensitizing effects of lactic acid, but it can be a source of irritation, so I wouldn't have formulated it like that. Nevertheless, this cream is ideal for normal to combination skin. I should point out that it has a fairly strong gingerbread scent, which is not unpleasant.

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