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For dehydrated, dry and very dry skin, Paula's Choice Omega + complex is a rich formula, bursting with antioxidants and nourishing plant oils. This night cream maintains moisture in the epidermis and replenishes skin thanks to its ceramide content and essential fatty acids derived from plants such as Chia and linseed. The omega-3, 6 and 9 integrated into its protective texture reduce inflammation, soothe irritation and smooth flaky skin. In addition to these nutrients, a combination of seven amino acids moisturizes your face. The result? When you wake up in the morning, your complexion is brighter and your tissues plumper.


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The omegas-3, 6 and 9 in this cream are derived from linseed oil, chia oil and chia seeds. They regenerate your skin's barrier by increasing its elasticity and reducing insensible water loss. These molecules protect your tissues from UV damage and environmental pollution.

The high concentration of antioxidants is derived from a wide range of fats such as shea butter, borage oil and olive oil. These nutrients reduce and prevent skin damage caused by sun exposure or natural aging.

Ceramides restructure your facial tissues by filling in the natural deficits in your cutaneous barrier. They prevent moisture loss from your epidermis, making it waterproof. Phytosphingoline is a precursor to ceramides, and its presence could boost their natural production.

Amino acids are responsible for hydration, skin slackening and the repair of damaged tissue. The unit of our skin's proteins, they are involved in the synthesis of keratinocytes, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Each with a specific role, those present in Omega + Complex Night Creamsupport our epidermis and dermis:

  • alanine moisturizes the skin ;
  • lysine acts on collagen;
  • arginine heals and prevents allergic reactions;
  • serine is involved in the production of phospholipids, hydrating and softening our skin;
  • threonine and glycine repair tissues and form part of the collagen and elastin structure;
  • proline plays a role in hyaluronic acid synthesis and the regeneration of damaged tissue.

Discover our Omega+ Complex night cream, specially designed to nourish dry, very dry and dehydrated skin. Enriched with omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, this cream promotes a brighter complexion and softer skin in the morning. The result is intensely moisturized, regenerated skin.

A unique formula to meet the needs of dry, sensitive skin

Dry, sensitive skin requires special attention. They often lack elasticity, are prone to redness and have a tendency to tightness. Omega+ Complex night cream combines ingredients specifically chosen for their soothing, moisturizing and nourishing properties. Among them :

  • Chia and flax seedsrich in omega-3, 6 and 9, for optimal skin hydration.
  • Guava and passion fruitA source of antioxidants that help soothe irritation and strengthen the skin barrier.
  • Ceramidesessential for maintaining the skin's moisture balance and preventing dehydration.

A night-time routine to boost radiance

Nighttime is the ideal time for skin care. In fact, it's during our sleep that the epidermis regenerates and reaps the full benefits of the skin care products we apply. Omega+ Complex night cream works during this period to :

  • Restoring water balance of the skin.
  • Reinforce the natural skin barrierThis limits water loss and protects against external aggression.
  • Sublimate the complexion bringing light and radiance to the skin.

Directions for use

Apply Oméga+ Complex night cream every evening to clean, dry skin, after your usual serum. Massage gently to help the active ingredients penetrate the epidermis. There's no need to overload: a dab of product is enough to cover the whole face and neck.

For dry, sensitive skin

Omega+ Complex night cream offers real comfort to thirsty skin lacking radiance. Thanks to its exceptional formula, it reduces signs of skin drynessimproves skin suppleness and elasticity, while regulating moisture levels. The result: soothed, nourished and luminous skin in the morning.

Key ingredients

Omega+ Complex night cream uses natural ingredients renowned for their benefits on dry, sensitive skin:

  • Linoleic acid : An essential fatty acid that helps strengthen and soften the skin barrier, it also promotes healing and healthy skin.
  • Chia seeds : Exceptional sources of omega-3 fatty acids, they help reduce irritation and maintain optimal skin hydration.
  • Flax seeds : Rich in omega-6 and alpha-linolenic acid, they help maintain the skin's lipid barrier and prevent skin aging.


Skin type Normal skin, Dry skin
Issues Very dry skin, Sensitive skin, Dull complexion
Main ingredients Linoleic acid, Chia seeds, Flax seeds
Routine Night cream
Price 42€

Don't wait any longer to give your dry or sensitive skin the care it deserves with Omega+ Complex night cream. An exceptional formula for nourished, comforted skin.

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  1. Katoushka -

    A delight of hydration and freshness, with a soft texture that's perfect for my mature, dry skin!

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A well-designed moisturizer! Night cream is the last step in your evening beauty routine. After cleansing, lotion, serums and more watery creams, apply this emulsion generously and evenly. Omega + complex on your face, neck and hands if they too suffer from dryness. If necessary, apply an additional amount to very dry areas. Use gentle, enveloping, circular movements to stimulate skin microcirculation and enhance the penetration of your active ingredients. For the eye contour area, Beauty Decoded recommends a specific night treatment, with anti-puffiness active ingredients for example, as this is a fragile area.

Drunk Elephant also offers a skin care product to help dry skin. Lala Retro whipped cream, rich in omegas, ceramides and antioxidants, repairs damaged and dehydrated skin. Its texture, more watery than that of Paula's Choice, provides excellent hydration thanks to the presence of glycerin.

Gallinée face oil nourishes, moisturizes and soothes dry skin, while supporting your skin's microbiome. Prebiotics regenerate fragile skin so that it can once again defend itself against external aggression.

For oily to combination skin with dry patches, I recommend The Ordinary's natural Moisturizing Factors + HA cream. As well as costing less than 10 euros, this emulsion offers a perfectly balanced texture that moisturizes while nourishing, via 11 amino acids, sodium PCA and phospholipids.


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