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Natural, vegan and fragrance-free, Typology's moisturizing face cream is a must-have for minimalist beauty routines. With just nine ingredients, this emulsion quenches and nourishes normal, dry, combination and sensitive skin. The formula envelops your face in a fine, delicate, non-greasy texture.
Hyaluronic acid works on your epidermis' water barrier, hydrating your skin's surface while capturing water molecules throughout the day.
Coconut oil replenishes your skin tissue to prevent the effects of dehydration, such as flaking.
Packaged in 50 ml aluminum tubes at a price of 17 euros 50.

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Typology moisturizing face cream: composition
Nine active ingredients, 99 % of plant-derived ingredients and no useless raw materials: that's the vegan formula of this moisturizing face cream.
Typology has chosen a hyaluronic acid molecule derived from wheat fermentation. This humectant enables your skin to retain water, ensuring instant hydration of the epidermal surface.
Other substances such as glycerine and pentylene glycol reinforce the moisturizing power of this minimalist facial.
When it comes to nutrition, this formula is not to be outdone. The film-forming properties of organic coconut oil prevent water evaporation and provide saturated fatty acids to make up for skin lipid loss.
How do I use Typology hyaluronic acid cream?
Perfect for a natural facial routine, Typology hyaluronic acid cream is used once or twice a day.
On cleansed, gently dried skin and after using toners and serums, spread a dab of this emulsion all over your face and neck. If this is your morning skincare routine, finish with your usual sun protection. To stretch, start in the center of your face at cheek level, then massage in with smoothing, upward strokes, finishing with the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin). Its texture is quickly absorbed by your skin and makes an excellent make-up base.
What are the alternatives to natural face cream?
If you want to stick to a natural, minimalist beauty routine, dry skin can replace its moisturizer with a face oil. Beauty Decoded suggests several marques.
Drunk Elephant cold-extracts virgin Marula oil, rich in omega-6 and 9. It nourishes and protects your skin from pollution and oxidative stress. The Ordinary offers the same product at a lower price.
Gallinée innovates with a probiotic face oil. With just eight ingredients, it moisturizes and strengthens your skin's structures. Less minimalist, but with 95 % of ingredients of natural origin, the brand offers a probiotic-based moisturizing cream, ideal for sensitive and oily skin.


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