Balancing cleansing care with nettle


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We present our purifying and rebalancing soapspecially designed for deep cleansing and healthy skin. Primarily intended for combination to oily skin, this soap is made in France using the cold saponification, which preserves all the qualities of vegetable oils.

Purity and softness for your face and body

This soap offers a purifying and balancing action thanks to its natural active ingredients, including eucalyptus globulus essential oil, spearmint and nettle powder. It is suitable for all skin types, especially those prone to imperfections. Whether for face or body, it leaves skin clean and soothed, without drying it out or causing tightness. Its pleasantly refreshing fragrance also makes cleansing a real pleasure.

Cleansing and beauty routine

  • Daily use of our purifying soap helps rid the skin of impurities collected throughout the day, as well as dead skin cells.
  • Apply to your face after removing make-up to ensure thorough cleansing before starting your evening beauty routine.
  • Morning and night, our soap gently cleanses the skin, preparing it for subsequent treatments and working in synergy with them for optimum results.

A formulation that respects and benefits the skin

Our purifying soap benefits from a rich composition thanks to cold saponification. This method ensures that the vegetable oils are not heated, so they retain all their properties on the skin. The result is a surgras soapcontaining 8% of super-greasing agents for soft, nourished skin. The natural active ingredients it contains also contribute to a rebalancing action for combination to oily skin, regulating sebum production and promoting the healing of imperfections.

Key ingredients and benefits

  • Organic eucalyptus globulus essential oil: reduces the size of sebaceous glands and regulates sebum production.
  • Organic spearmint essential oil: repairs and promotes healing of damaged skin.
  • Organic nettle powder : rich in minerals, it helps balance oily skin.
  • Organic olive oil : soothes skin prone to redness and irritation.

Recommendations for use and precautions

This soap can be used morning and/or evening on the face and body. It should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding, and should not be applied around the eyes, as this area is particularly sensitive. Please also consult the full list of ingredients before use to ensure they are suitable for your personal use.


Manufacturing Made in France
Skin type All skin types, ideal for combination to oily skin
Saponification method Cold saponification
Superfatting agent content 8%

Make our purifying and rebalancing cold process soap an essential part of your beauty routine and enjoy clear, fresh, blemish-free skin every day!