Hyperpigmentation serum Tranexamic acid tetrapeptide

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Incipient or stubborn brown spots, sagging skin, sagging facial contours? Try Typology's hyperpigmentation and loss of firmness serum with tranexamic acid 5 % + tetrapeptides.
Its milky texture penetrates deep into the epidermis to reorganize anarchic melanin synthesis. This helps reduce and prevent hyperpigmentation. Tetrapeptides target the dermis, more specifically the fibroblasts that produce collagen and elastin, to boost their quantity and quality. Your tissues are redensified, facial contours are redefined, and blemishes caused by overexposure to the sun or old scars fade.
This natural, vegan, made-in-France formula evens out your complexion and tones your skin in a single step.

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Typology composition serum: which active ingredients combat hyperpigmentation and dullness?
Typology's tranexamic acid is derived from an amino acid naturally present in the structure of skin proteins. With aging or overexposure to the sun, the melanocytes responsible for your skin's complexion can begin to produce melanin in an uncontrolled way, leading to blemishes. This molecule rebalances this pigmentary synthesis, so that abnormalities in your complexion disappear and even out.
Tetrapeptide-2 is a chain of four amino acids. It penetrates the dermis to revive collagen and elastin production, responsible for your skin's firmness and elasticity. It also regulates melanogenesis to brighten your face.
How do I use Typology anti-spot and anti-sag serum?
Typology's hyperpigmentation serum is applied morning and night to cleansed, dry skin. After your toning lotion, take 3 to 4 drops of your fluid and spread it over your entire face, neck and possibly the backs of your hands, if they have sun spots. To maximize your treatment and slow down skin slackening, massage the fluid into the skin using upward, toning massages to stimulate microcirculation. Protect yourself from the sun, by finishing your anti-sun spot facial routine with a high level of sun protection. SPF 50 provides optimum prevention against the appearance of new hyperpigmented areas.
What are the alternatives to the hyperpigmentation and loss of firmness serum with tranexamic acid 5 % + tetrapeptide?
Treating hyperpigmentation often requires the use of several ingredients. For example, in your anti-brown spot beauty routine, I recommend alternating active lightening ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C, azelaic acid and fruit acids.
Paula's Choice clinical anti-spot serum features a formula with 3 % tranexamic acid, 5 % niacinamide and backuchiol to diminish hyperpigmented areas and promote cell regeneration.
The Inkey list has created an anti-hyperpigmentation serum with 2 % of tranexamic acid, a low dosage, but which according to some studies would even out your skin tone.
Finally, if you want to combine brightening and anti-sagging skincare, I recommend C firma ™ Fresh day serum by Drunk Elephant. Care products with L-ascorbic acid are an excellent option. Vitamin C reduces skin hyperpigmentation, brightens and firms your skin.

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  1. Cat -

    A very pleasant, fluid, non-sticky serum. I've been testing it for 3 months, morning and night, layered with The Ordinary's Alpha-Arbutin 2% serum: winning combination: my spots are less visible and my skin looks plumped.

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