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Looking tired? Grayish skin dotted with brown spots? Why not try the vitamin C 11 % radiance serum? Typology has developed it to revive dull complexions. Its watery, gel-forming texture envelops 99 % of naturally-derived ingredients, including an L-ascorbic acid derivative and silk tree extracts. Packed with antioxidants, this natural facial treatment revives the natural radiance of sensitive, oily and mature skin. With just a few drops, it evens out the complexion by erasing pigmentation spots and acne scars. Vitamin C radiance serum penetrates to the dermis to fight free radicals, slow aging and boost skin microcirculation. As you use it, your tissues are more oxygenated, your skin tone evens out, and your complexion is brighter and fresher. This made-in-France, vegan formula awakens your glow in just a few weeks.
Packaged in 30 and 15 ml glass bottles, priced at 23 euros 90 and 12 euros 50 respectively.

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What is the composition of Typology's vitamin C serum?
Sodium ascorbyl palmitate is a water-soluble vitamin C derivative suitable for all skin types. It regenerates the complexion's natural radiance, and reduces and prevents hyperpigmentation. This molecule also inhibits cutaneous aging phenomena by :
protecting against the harmful effects of pollution and sunlight;
by stimulating collagen production;
by combating oxidative stress in skin cells.
Silk tree extract, dosed at 3 %, regenerates your skin's radiance. By penetrating right to the dermis, it revitalizes tired skin and attacks the oxidation and glycation phenomena responsible for the signs of aging.
Evodia Rutaecarpat is rich in alkaloids, giving it an anti-inflammatory activity capable of calming skin redness. It is also said to reduce brown spots and stimulate cutaneous microcirculation.
How to use the vitamin C 11 % Typology radiance serum?
Step-by-step beauty skincare with Typology's vitamin C serum
If you follow Beauty Decoded, you'll know that I recommend using vitamin C in the morning, as it boosts sun protection and prevents damage caused by pollution and oxidative stress. However, Typology's radiance serum can also be incorporated into your morning and/or evening beauty routine.

Here's an example of a morning skincare routine that incorporates this natural cosmetic.
Step 1: wash your face with thermal spring water (if non-oily) or a mild cleanser.
Step 2: on perfectly dried skin, tone the epidermis with a lotion or essence.
Step 3: take 3 to 4 drops with the pipette and stretch your radiance serum over your face and neck with gentle, smoothing massages.
Step 4: Apply thicker skincare products such as moisturizers.
Step 5: Overlay sunscreen with high SPF UVA and B.

What are the alternatives to vitamin C face serum?
For dry skin, The Ordinary Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate serum is more suitable. It's a fat-soluble vitamin C derivative with a more nourishing formula.
For stubborn blemishes and skin used to high doses of pure vitamin C, this brand also offers two treatments, which I recommend using by "patch" only on pigmented areas:
vitamin C suspension 30 % silicone ;
vitamin C suspension 23 %.
For a higher price, the Drunk Elephant brand has created the C Firma ™ Day Serum with 15 % of vitamin C, 1 % of vitamin E and ferulic acid. This higher concentration is designed for mature skin that tolerates this molecule. In addition to effectively diminishing hyperpigmented spots, this product offers anti-aging virtues by smoothing fine lines.


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