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Who is Beautydecoded? The author of the site!

Beautydecoded is plastic surgeon specialized He is a former senior registrar at universities, a former hospital intern and a member of various learned societies in aesthetic medicine and surgery. He currently has a private practice in France. He is an expert in facial care and passionate about skincare and cosmetics.
To keep his medical and networking activities separate, he has chosen to communicate under the name Beautydecoded.

Why is a plastic surgeon interested in facial care?

The answer is simple: cosmetic medicine and surgery can't solve every problem, and prevention is much easier than cure. It's much easier to improve a problem (wrinkles, acne, facial spots, dark circles) if you take action on all fronts: diet, physical activity, facial care using appropriate cosmetic products, and possibly surgery or cosmetic medicine.

Beautydecoded's raison d'être

The aim is to help everyone in the community choose the best, most effective cosmetics, and also the ones that suit you best.

The problem!

The science of cosmetics is fascinating, but the aggressive marketing of some brands with sometimes dubious claims doesn't really help with a good understanding of skin care.

As if marketing had made certain marques cosmetics allergic to science.

However, scientific publications on the efficacy of cosmetic ingredients are becoming more numerous every year, and Beautydecoded has set itself the goal of popularizing the science behind skincare.
To make the science of skin care accessible to as many people as possible, I regularly publish videos on my Youtube channel or on my website Beautydecoded.com, alongside my work as a surgeon.
My publications focus on the various active ingredients and their actions against skin problems such as acne flare-ups, improving the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, redness or spots on the face.

I need your help!

Together we go further!
On this site I try to create guides, to decipher the formulation of cosmetic products, but I need your help because each skin is different and can react differently to a product, so I need your opinion. Deciphering the formulation of a cosmetic product can provide a great deal of information about its efficacy and tolerance. However, testing products is also very important. It's possible that I've found a great product, but that unfortunately it doesn't suit you, in which case your opinion on this product in the dedicated section will be very useful to us.

The future of beautydecoded

The long-term goal is to have as many cosmetics products as possible referenced with as many opinions as possible from community members. I'm going to continue listing more and more cosmetics, and I hope you'll join in.

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