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Beauty Application: Beautydecoded

Want a skincare routine that truly caters to your specific needs?

Tired of falling for the marketing claims of cosmetic brands? Struggle to choose the right product without being a skincare expert? Look no further!

The skincare landscape is littered with false promises and contradictory information. With the BeautyDecoded app, you can bid farewell to sifting through misleading marketing claims. Our app breaks down ingredient lists to help you discern each product’s true potential.

Many products are designed to appeal to the masses, yet end up fitting nobody. The BeautyDecoded app puts an end to this « one-size-fits-all » approach. Our app guides you towards products that truly cater to your needs.

While others’ reviews can be useful, are they always reliable if their skin types do not match yours? With BeautyDecoded, compare experiences from users with the same skin type as yours for accurate and relevant feedback.

So how does BeautyDecoded application work?

Our intelligent algorithm meticulously analyzes the composition of thousands of cosmetic products. Through extensive study of over 30,000 ingredients and advanced scientific research, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of effective ingredients for each specific skin concern – whether it’s anti-aging, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, redness, or loss of radiance.

But that’s not all! An ingredient’s position in a formula can influence its effectiveness on different skin types. Our algorithm takes into account all these factors to recommend products that not only match your skin type but also your specific skin care concerns.

With BeautyDecoded, regain control of your skincare routine and discover products that truly suit you. Give it a try! Launching at the end of 2023. Reserve your spot in advance by signing up for the waitlist.

Application beautydecoded

The « Beauty Decoded » app, which deciphers ingredients, will soon be available on Google Android and Apple IOS.

Existing beauty product analysis apps analyze ingredients but do not allow for the creation of personalized skincare routines.

Inci Beauty, a participatory cosmetic analysis application

Inci Beauty allows you to scan a product to get an analysis of its composition and a list of alternatives to it. Clean beauty is encouraged! The overall impact of each product is commented on.

Clean Beauty, a comprehensive application

At Clean Beauty, they take the seriousness of the information provided very seriously: the app is developed by an official Officinea laboratory.