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All the company's activities and information are presented on our website https://www.beautydecoded.com.

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Terms and conditions of use

An information site on facial care and cosmetics

The aim of our website is to inform people who want to learn more about skin care. The site will be divided into two parts: an informational section and a guide to various skin problems:

Wrinkles, anti-aging, anti-spot, acne, skin redness, blemishes, blackheads,

But also guides to cleansing, moisturizing and protecting the skin.

Specific sections on different skin types: dry, combination, oily, sensitive and mature.

The second part consists in giving information and our opinion on cosmetic products: lotion, serum, gel, cream, balm, mask, sun creams. Users will be able to rate these products by leaving a comment and giving them a star rating.

A collaborative website: Give your opinion

As you know, every skin is different, and one person's opinion is not enough to be reliable.

You can therefore leave your opinion on the various products by writing a comment in the cosmetics section.

To write a review you must be registered on the site.

Rights to your content

In the cosmetic products section, you can give your opinion on cosmetic products. When you give your opinion, you retain your intellectual property rights to what you have written, with the exception of those that you must necessarily grant us to enable us to publish it on the Site, as well as for any use for commercial or promotional purposes for the manufacturer or distributor of a product and generally for our commercial partners.

As soon as you take part in the life of the site, you grant us the non-exclusive, transferable right, free of charge, for a period of 10 years and for the whole world, to use, produce derived works, reproduce, distribute and represent all or part of your content "Opinions you have written", on any medium and via all media channels for promotional purposes.

Regulations for effective publication online

One of the aims of this website is to create a community that can evaluate cosmetic products objectively.

Opinions will be accepted and published only if they are objective and relevant to the evaluation of the cosmetic product.

The Moderator is responsible for applying the moderation rules for consumer reviews. He/she assesses the content of the reviews in order to decide whether to maintain or delete the review on a Site.

When it comes to your opinion, you are responsible for what you publish and must therefore accept the consequences:

Publication rules:

Be a natural person

Have personally experienced the consumption of the Product to which the Notice relates

Not to directly or indirectly harm the honour or reputation of a brand or third party.

Do not offend public decency

If you identify an illegal notice or content, you must contact us to rectify the situation quickly.

Intellectual property of website content

With the exception of the content of your notices, in accordance with legislation relating to copyright, marques rights and, more generally, intellectual property, all elements making up the Site (text, graphics, software, photographs, images, sounds, plans, logos, marques, various creations and protectable works, databases, etc.), as well as the Site itself, are protected by property rights. Any representation, modification, reproduction or distortion of all or part of the Site or its content, using any process or medium, constitutes an infringement punishable by law. If We do not initiate proceedings as soon as We become aware of unauthorized use, this does not mean that We accept the said use and waive the right to take legal action.

I also give my opinion on various marquess:

The ordinary

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